Courtyard Activities


When: WEDNESDAY 12.30pm – 2.30pm
Where: MDNC Courtyard
Chief Barbeque Chef: Eugene

Eugene is passionate about cooking a yummy barbeque. Come and join the Jam Session in the Hub at 11.00am if you want and then a have a tasty lunch. Otherwise just come along and meet other members of your community.

STRETCH 'N MOVE - The Eastern Way

When: Thursday 9.30am CURRENTLY ON HOLIDAY
Where: MDNC Courtyard
Leader: Mohani

Mohani uses ancient holistic Eastern practices and dance principles in a contemporary way. Her training and practice includes Dance-Meditation Bodywork Oriental Dance and Contemporary Egyptian dance since 1989. Mohani has taught in India, Italy, Melbourne and for the last 16 years in the Byron Shire. This movement class is for the whole of community and is open to all.


When: Mondays 9.30 am
Where: MDNC Courtyard
Leader: Neil

Fluid yoga flows from one pose or ‘asana’ to the next pose. Focus is on breath, agility, building strength and inner balance. Freeing the spine and opening the hips. Class designed for the individual to become mindful of their body and to breath and relax into poses.
All Welcome on Mondays for one hour.
Neil Amber offers- 40 years experience in hatha yoga and Chinese Shing Yi movements.